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This is a cross-section of my particular flavor of nerderia, heavy on Katamari Damacy, Mario, and Perler beads. Who am I kidding? It's mostly reblogs of awesome stuff, including cats, owls, and unicorns, with a smattering of original content and some interesting commentary on the reblogs. I do, wild as it sounds, actually try to make friends (not just followers) on here.

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Chewbacca / Han Solo Reversible Hoodie

Bundle up against the cold in this heavyweight, reversible Star Wars hoodie! The Chewbacca side is completely covered in Faux Fur across both the front and back. Flip the hoodie inside-out for a second design inspired by the parka Han Solo wore on Planet Hoth. Sold at Amazon.

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Le Gogh


Le Gogh

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Sending you all love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Corgi Love | by Creative Tart

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Videogame Valentines: 2013 Edition

For the special Player 2 in your life.

[click to see the rest!]

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I don’t even care that Valentines Day is over, this needed to be on my blog.

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all the time  greeting card


all the time  greeting card

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 RainbowDarkness on Etsy

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