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This is a cross-section of my particular flavor of nerderia, heavy on Katamari Damacy, Mario, and Perler beads. Who am I kidding? It's mostly reblogs of awesome stuff, including cats, owls, and unicorns, with a smattering of original content and some interesting commentary on the reblogs. I do, wild as it sounds, actually try to make friends (not just followers) on here.

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Le Gogh


Le Gogh

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Sending you all love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Corgi Love | by Creative Tart

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Videogame Valentines: 2013 Edition

For the special Player 2 in your life.

[click to see the rest!]

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I don’t even care that Valentines Day is over, this needed to be on my blog.

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all the time  greeting card


all the time  greeting card

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 RainbowDarkness on Etsy

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